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Recycled & Secondhand Bricks, Paving & Roof Tiles
About Us 
WA Brickmatch is a family owned and operated business.  Originating in 1999 as a Salvage yard primarily selling Red recycled bricks, paving and secondhand building materials by founder, Alan McKinnon.
Alan is known for his dry sense of humour and extensive knowledge of the history of building materials and supplies in Western Australia. 
WA Brickmatch is now owned and operated by Alan's daughter, Dawn McKinnon who entered the family business in 2006 and was ably assisted by her father until his retirement in 2007.
Dawn brings a wealth of experience to WA Brickmatch and its customers as an:-
Interior Designer 
Studied Art & Design 
Worked in the Building Industry for 20 years 
Dawn changed the focus of WA Brickmatch to a specialist brick matching service for hard to find bricks, paving and roof tiles that are no longer in production in Western Australia. 
This has resulted in unprecedented growth for the Company and the establishment of an environmentally friendly 'Recycling Program' at the Yard.
The Team

Brick Cleaning Crew


Bill, Mark, John and Tony are the mainstay of our 'Recycling Program' at WA Brickmatch and are responsible for hand cleaning the recycled red bricks and roof tiles we source from demolition sites.


This is at times an arduous task and we congratulate our team for their hard work and committed attitudes to bringing you quality recycled bricks, pavers and roof tiles.



Yard Sales Crew
Our team are here to help you with your choice.  Don't forget to bring your sample when you come in to view our large range of bricks, pavers and roof tiles.


Perry & our On-Road Crew


We have a specialist on-road team managed by Perry who help source secondhand bricks, paving and roof tiles from demolition sites and client sites for our Yard.


Perry's team will pull out bricks by hand, row by row from demolition jobs and stack them on pallets ready for individual hand cleaning in our Yard.  As part of our 'Recycling program', Perry's team also go out to client sites and palletize pavers and roof tiles for resale in our Yard.
KD8 Hiab Transport 

All of our order deliveries to customers are done by outside contractors.  We have been working with Ross from KD8 Hiab for a number of years who is responsible for all of our deliveries in the metropolitan area.  All deliveries are left on the front verge unless otherwise specified.
Gossage Transport
For difficult to access areas and for areas outside of the metropolitan area we can make other arrangements for you with Gossage Transport.  
Virtual Tour of our Yard

Future Development

WA Brickmatch are building a new on-site office which is expected to be ready by Febuary 2010.  We will also be adding new on-site diagonal parking in front of the new office, more signage and paved walkways to the Office.

We stock Recycled & Secondhand 
  • Face Bricks
  • Internal Bricks
  • Renders
  • Sill Bricks
  • Kiln Bricks
  • Clay Paving
  • Concrete Paving
  • Concrete slabs
  • Garden Edging
  • Limestone blocks
  • Roof Tiles
  • Roof capping
  • Roof ends
  • Pillars
  • Concrete drains
  • Assorted Building materials
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WA Brickmatch
27 Hardey East Rd
Wattle Grove  

Tel: (08) 9359 0035
Opening Hours -
Monday to Friday
8am to 5pm
8am to 12 noon

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