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How to Order
Here at WA Brickmatch we stock hundreds of product lines and colours in recycled bricks, paving and roof tiles.  The majority of items we stock are no longer in production and are hard to find.  The best way for us to help you, is to 'Bring in a Sample'.
Step 1: Bring in a Sample
We are the only Brick Matching Service in WA for recycled bricks, pavers and roof tiles.  There are many different variations in colour between batches of the same product and slight variations in profiles.
For example...
In paving we stock clay and concrete pavers in a multitude of colours and sizes.  Pavers differ in height and width, they may be a split paver or double sided.  They may have a rounded edge, straight edge, pillow top, or have spacing nodules etc.
So it is very important that when you visit our yard, you bring along a full sized sample of the product you are trying to match.
If we don't have your particular product at the time of your visit, we will hold onto your sample and keep an eye on any new recycled stock coming into our yard.  If we find an exact match to your sample in the quantity you require, we will contact you by telephone and see if you are still interested in placing an order.
There is no obligation to buy, this is a service we provide free of charge.
Step 2: Identify the Quantity you need
Before visiting our yard you will need to identify the quantity of product you need.
For paving -  you will need to measure the quantity required in m2 (metres squared) or if you only need an edging row then measure by the linear metre. 
For example if you have an area measuring 3 metres wide by 6 metres long, you will need 18 m2 in total of paving.
We cater to any size order, small or large.
For face bricks - we sell face bricks per item thus you will need to know the total number of bricks you need.  As a guide there are 40 bricks per m2 for standard sized face bricks.
For Utility Bricks, roof tiles and non-standard items - we sell these products per item so you will need to calculate the total number you require.
Conditions of Sale

All of our goods are second-hand, whether they look new or abused.  No attempt is made to hide the condition of the goods.  What you see is what you get. 

These goods are scarce and hard to find when you want them. We put a great deal of effort into finding them so that they are available to you.  Our aim is to help as many people as possible.

You can not pick through the goods that you are purchasing for any reason.  The goods are to be taken from the pallet 'row by row' and 'layer by layer'.  If you feel that your need for perfect goods is any greater than anyone else’s, regrettably you will have to go elsewhere.
Refund & Exchange Policy
Please choose products carefully, see our 'Conditions of Sale for Secondhand Goods' above.  We do not offer refunds on purchases, however we do exchanges as evaluated on a 'case by case' basis. 
Please contact our Office on (08) 9359 0035 within 7 days of purchasing your goods if there is a problem with the order.
Click here for information on Payment Options and Delivery.
We stock Recycled & Secondhand 
  • Face Bricks
  • Internal Bricks
  • Renders
  • Sill Bricks
  • Kiln Bricks
  • Clay Paving
  • Concrete Paving
  • Concrete slabs
  • Garden Edging
  • Limestone blocks
  • Roof Tiles
  • Roof capping
  • Roof ends
  • Pillars
  • Concrete drains
  • Assorted Building materials
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