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Recycled & Secondhand Bricks, Paving & Roof Tiles
Here at WA Brickmatch we specialise in hard to find bricks, paving and roof tiles that are no longer in production. 
We stock a large range of recycled and secondhand face bricks, utility bricks, clay and concrete paving, roof tiles and assorted building materials for the home handyman and trades.
We cater for small and large orders, whether you need 1 brick or a 1,000 one of our friendly staff will be on hand to help you.
Recycled Red Bricks
For that olde world look, nothing looks better for paving and walls than recycled red bricks sourced from the demolition of old homes.  Here at WA Brickmatch we have an established recycling program for recycled red bricks that is environmentally friendly.
If you are looking for recycled red bricks we stock a regular supply of wire cut bricks, red pressed bricks, red feds, historical tapestry bricks and historical solid reds.
Click here  for more information on our recycled red bricks. 
Face Bricks & Utility Bricks
If you need to match a face brick to existing bricks to fill in an airconditioner hole, for an insurance job or for renovations... then look no further than WA Brickmatch. 
We specialise in sourcing and supplying bricks that are no longer in production. Bring in a sample of the brick you are looking for and utilise our in-house 'Brick Matching Service'. 
Click here for a full list of Face bricks and Utility Bricks we commonly have in stock. 
Here at WA Brickmatch we have a wide range of paving to choose from.  We sell clay and concrete pavers in varying sizes, thicknesses and widths.
If you need to extend an area of paving and need to match your existing pavers, then Bring in a sample and let us see if we can help you.
If you are looking for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to paving, then consider WA Brickmatch.  All of the goods in our yard are secondhand or recycled.
Click here for more information on the types of paving we commonly stock.
Roof Tiles
WA Brickmatch primarily source older profile roof tiles from demolition sites that are no longer in production.
This means we have a readily available stock of older style roof tiles if you need tiles to replace broken ones or for renovation projects.
We advise that when visiting our yard, you bring in a full sized roof tile sample as there are slight variations in profiles and in lengths of tiles.
Click here for a list of the types of Roof Tiles we stock.
Other Building Supplies

We stock a wide range of secondhand building supplies including renders, fastwall bricks, thermalite bricks, kiln bricks, sill tiles, kerb bricks, channel bricks, slabs, masonary borders and inlays, kerbing, Bessa blocks, screen blocks, limestone blocks, columns, concrete drains, chimney pots and clay roof accessories.
Please visit our Yard if you are looking for any of these speciality items.
We stock Recycled & Secondhand 
  • Face Bricks
  • Internal Bricks
  • Renders
  • Sill Bricks
  • Kiln Bricks
  • Clay Paving
  • Concrete Paving
  • Concrete slabs
  • Garden Edging
  • Limestone blocks
  • Roof Tiles
  • Roof capping
  • Roof ends
  • Pillars
  • Concrete drains
  • Assorted Building materials
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