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FAQ's for Sellers
Please check out the FAQ's listed below for information on how to sell your unwanted and secondhand bricks, pavers and roof tiles to WA Brickmatch. 

If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please telephone (08) 9359 0035 or email recycling@wabrickmatch.com.au .
Q: Do you buy unwanted secondhand bricks, paving or roof tiles?
A: Yes we do, it just depends on the quality of the item, what quantity you have available and whether we need the stock in the yard. We do not accept paving or face bricks with cement slurry or paint on them, no cuts and they must have one good face (no chips) so we can re-sell them.
Q: I have some secondhand pavers that we are pulling up and replacing, are you interested in them?
A: Yes we are, but we need to first see a sample of the paver/s brought into our Yard or you need to email the following information to us at recycling@wabrickmatch.com.au :-
  1. Three photographs (in .jpeg format) as per below:-

    > One photo of the top of the paver
    > One photo of the bottom of the paver
    > One photo of a section of the paving laid down (if possible).

  2. Identify if the paver is double sided or a split paver.
  3. Tell us what colour it is and the name/manufacturer if you know it.
  4. Tell us what quantity you have available in m2.  Click here for common sizes of paving per m2.
  5. Tell us the dimensions of the paver in length, width and height (in mm's).
  6. Include your name, telephone number, email address and pickup address.
We will then contact you by telephone or email and let you know if we are interested in the pavers for resale. 
Q: I am knocking down an old wall, are you interested in the face bricks?
A: Yes we are, especially if the face brick is no longer in production.  You will need to bring a sample of the brick into the yard to show us, or email us a photo of the face of the brick to recycling@wabrickmatch.com.au and tell us what quantity you think you have.  Please include your name, telephone number and address in the email.

In some cases we will send out our 'on-road brick picking team' to remove the bricks from the wall and palletise them for transportation to our yard.  If you only have a small quantity of bricks, we may ask you to bring them into our Yard as it is not cost effective for our 'outside contractor' to pick up small loads.  We will then get our brick cleaning team to hand clean them for resale.
Q: I am re-roofing my house, are you interested in the old roof tiles?

A: Yes we are, we will need to see a full sized sample of the roof tile to see if we already have that tile in stock in the Yard. Alternatively send us an email to recycling@wabrickmatch.com.au with the following information:-
  1. Three photographs (in .jpeg format) as per below:-

    > One photo of the Top of the Roof Tile
    > One photo of the Bottom of the Roof Tile
    > One photo of a roof section (if possible)

  2. Tell us what colour it is, manufacturer and profile
  3. Tell us the approximate quantity you have available
  4. Include your name, telephone number, email address and pickup address.
We will then contact you by telephone or email and let you know if we are interested in the roof tiles for resale.
Q: Will you come and pull up the pavers for us and take them away?
A: Yes, if there is a sufficient quantity of paving (40m2 +) we will send out our 'on road team' to pull up the pavers and palletise them for resale in our yard.
Q: Will you come and take the roof tiles off our roof, if you are interested in them?
A: No, for safety reasons our 'on road team' will only come and palletise roof tiles that are already on the ground.  The only time we will remove roof tiles from a roof, is if the job is a demolition site.
Q: Will I get more money per m2 if I stack and palletise my own bricks, pavers or roof tiles?
A: Yes, you will need to contact our office on (08) 9359 0035 to arrange the pickup or drop off of WA Brickmatch pallets to your site.  Face Bricks, pavers and roof tiles will need to stacked as per the guides below:-
Q: How long does it take for you to palletise and take away unwanted bricks, paving or roof tiles from my home?
A: Allow 1 to 2 weeks in advance for a job to be booked with our 'on road team'.  Then allow 3 days for the job palletising to be completed.  Our outside contractor (transport service) will then pickup the job from site within 1 to 5 days.
# If you have an 'urgent job' please contact our Office on (08) 9359 0035 to make other arrangements.
Q: How long afterwards will I receive payment for my secondhand goods?
A: Our 'on road team' will normally count the job before it is transported back to our Yard, in some cases especially if bricks have to be cleaned the job will be counted after it arrives in our Yard.  Payment will be made by cheque within 7 to 10 days of receipt of the job into our yard.
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